Reprogram Yourself for Success

One thing that I have come to realize when it comes to success and following your dream is the intentionality that you put behind it. These things are not going to be accomplished by osmosis. We have to be intentional about our personal growth, about our goals, about our success.

How long does it take to reach a goal or to succeed? “The degree and speed of a person’s success are directly proportional to the intensity and constancy of the desire to succeed.” So, we control the degree and the speed to which we achieve that success by our intensity, constancy of desire, and intentionality that we put in to “re-programming” ourself for success.

What does it mean to re-program yourself for success? The lives of the rich reveal that each of them used there subconscious mind to it’s fullest to become wealthy. The key to success ultimately lies in the proper use of the subconscious mind. One thing to note is that the subconscious mind will blindly and infallibly follow any program that has be fed into it. Every person in the world is programmed, whether they know it or not. Most people are actually programmed by negative external events that they grew up with. The trick, for us, is to take control of our subconscious mind programming, and do something positive with it.

Some people have mental blocks about money and have low self-images about themselves (which all were programmed into their subconscious) and so they don’t even believe that they can succeed. You have to build up your self-esteem. Did you know that people who became wealthy started out as millionaires in their minds eye before it ever actually happened in reality? That’s what we have to do. We have to get better and aim higher with every step we take. You are worth infinitely more than you believe. The problem is that people have been persuaded of just the opposite.

Your self-image is a reflection of your mental programming. “Your outer world is merely a reflection of your inner world.” Another thing I like saying is… “You are always moving in the direction of your minds most dominate thoughts.” And, that’s whether good or bad. So what do you think about? It’s time to take control of those thoughts and we have to do it with intentionality and constancy of purpose.

How do I reprogram myself?

  • Affirmations – Statements written in there already completed state. “I can handle and accomplish anything”, “I am totally confident and strong”, “The resources necessary for my goals and dreams are attracted to me.”. The reason you state them in an already completed state is because your brain (subconscious) doesn’t know the difference between real or imaginary. It has no concept of time. To your subconscious mind, it’s always the present. The problem you have with say your affirmations is with the conscious mind. It says, “Why are you trying to lie to yourself?”. That’s normal, you just have to tell yourself that “everything is OK”, and say “this is the way we’re heading, this is what I want.” For your conscious mind this is the conflict between where you are and where you want to be. For your subconscious, it’s simply the instructions it has to carry out and to make happen.
  • Positive suggestions – A little different than affirmations in that they’re not necessarily stated in the already completed state, but rather “what’s happening” so to speak. Example: “I’m getting richer day by day.”, “All my abilities are getting better, allowing me to increase my income.” Suggestions should be brief (if they’re too long, they’re not effective) and absolutely positive.
  • Gratitude – Being grateful for those around you, what you have, the process of change that you’re going through. We have to enjoy the process of change and growth. Enjoy the journey on the way.
  • Meditation – Getting yourself in a calm relaxed state. Control your breathing an calm your mind.
  • Visualization – See success in your minds eye. See, taste, touch, smell all of it with intensity. The more real you can imagine it the better.

Success is a journey and so is reprogramming yourself for success. How long will is take? That’s completely arbitrary and up to you. We all define success differently and we all get to decide how much effort, consistency, and intentional effort we put in on a daily basis.

Here’s to your success.

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