Laws of Leadership

Question: Are you developing all your potential to be more competent and prepared for the future? This issue is not, can you be an exceptional leader…? The issue is, will you?

  • To build a better dream you must build a better you. Developing leadership skills is a lifetime pursuit.

“Leaders are perpetual learners”

  • The development of leadership skills is a never-ending process.

What you are becoming is far more important than what you get. What you become directly influences what you get.

“You must work harder on yourself than you do on your job. Income rarely exceeds personal development. Your life will change only when you change.”

~ Jim Rohn

 “Cultivate in yourself the qualities you admire most in others.” ~ Arnold Glason

All leaders, at some time in their lives, doubt themselves and their ability. That’s why self-development is so important because it helps you to maintain your self-confidence. Never let yourself stagnate! The confident person inspires leadership

Motivation is a key to successful living (but motivation alone is not enough because our emotions are not reliable. Willpower is also important but (as we know) it depletes with use. So, we have to manage our willpower. Leaders motivate and push themselves to take positive, goal-oriented action.

“There is a relationship – an almost uncanny relationship – which exists between a man’s income, and his ability, and his language. Words are tools and the more tools we have, the more jobs we can handle.”

~ Earl Nightingale

Leaders never stop learning.

You ever notice that most leaders don’t just enter a room? They seem to invade a room!

Leaders inspire, create commitment, act as role models and evoke the highest level of commitment and competence possible from their team.

What makes people want to follow the leader’s lead?

  1. Leaders have a sense of purpose. They know where they are going. The secret is constancy of purpose.
  2. Leaders are enthusiastic.
    1. Enthusiasm changes problems to challenges
    2. Rids the mind of worry and tension
    3. Forgets yesterday and attacks today.
  3. Leaders demonstrate determination.
  4. Leaders have future focus. Where does your mind mostly dwell – on the past, present or the future?
  • While principles are timeless, methods need to be under constant review.
“Methods are many, principles are few. Methods may change but principles never do.”

So commit to change and constantly review your methods.

  • Without good leadership in our world, the future is filled with danger.
  • With good leadership, I believe, the future will be filled with the greatest opportunities man has ever known.

Together we can change the world.

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